Wednesday, 6 February 2008

What is our role?

I have just been sent a link to a site that talks about how to deal with 9 common behavioural problems found in sunday school lessons.

The thing is, I was really upset with some of the ways they suggested to deal with the problems. Some of them involved embarresing the child or not doing everything to make them feel welcome. To me that seemed to be completely against how Jesus dealt with people. In my understanding Jesus welcomed people and loved people then dealt with their problems.

As a leader of children and young people I constantly remind myself that their view of God is dependant on how I treat them, esspecially with unchurched kids. As such I always try (I must admit I dont always manage) to show Gods love to every child and young person I meet so that they can become increasly aware of God's love for them and then, when they are ready, take them on to the next steps of the rights and responsibilities that come with accepting God's love.

My mum however feels that I focus too much on God's love and that I should focus more on the discipline of the Christian life which I guess is the focus of the this article.

So I was wondering how you feel as members and leaders of GB. Where should we focus our teaching?

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

An Unforgettable Experience Serving God in Romania

You may or may not know that Girls' Brigade teams up with a charity called Children for Christ (CFC) to send volunteers like you to help at children's summer camps in Virfurile, Romania.

Teams will get involved in a variety of activities – working with the young people, cleaning, decorating, cooking, and building. What a wonderful way to put your Christianity into action!

There are dates available throughout the summer - June 22nd til September 11th - and each camp lasts 9-10 days.
The total cost is £500 (we will offer you ideas and support with fundraising so you don’t have to come up with this all by yourself).

If you think you might like to take part this summer please request an information pack from or contact our co-ordinator Dawn at

closing date for applications is 30th April.
please note you will be required to attend a briefing weekend on the 13th-15th June in Northampton (the cost of this is included).

Sunday, 30 December 2007

How Do We Help?

One of the very first blogs on this site was about whether we should disscuss the many taboo subjects in GB, that are becoming more and more common within society, such as drugs, alcohol etc. My view was that we should be encouraging the girls to talk about this in a safe environment where we can help them find the right path, and many people commented in agreement. The only problem is how do we do this. I very much doubt that the girls would bring up these subjects voluntarily, and a sudden disscussion I fear would only be met with embarressment and giggles from all! If anyone has any ideas or perhaps have even tried something within company please reply. Even if these attempts weren't 100% succesful we can all learn from each others' experiences!

Monday, 17 December 2007

We wish you a Merry Christmas... and a Happy New Year!

Apologies first for my poor artistic skills - maybe we should have a competition to see who can produce the best Christmas e-card?! entries into

Just to wish all you GB-ers out there a fabulous Christmas and a well-deserved break from school, work, GB, whatever!

Hope you have a fantastic time!!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Christmas is Coming...!

As we were preparing for our company’s nativity play here in Greater Manchester, I was reminded of one of my not so glorious moments – when I, very confidently shouted out the wrong line at a crucial moment of our school’s nativity play. I was 6 and was swiftly forgiven as I smiled sweetly at the bemused audience, but it is a memory that has clearly stuck.

Though it seems that the nativity play may be a thing of the past.

In the midst of the debate over the rights and wrongs of putting on a nativity play in a multi-cultural context, I am struck by the things that people are quick to defend – so much of what we treasure about the Christmas nativity play is actually nowhere to be found in any Bible I’ve ever read. And if that’s the case then what is really the big deal?

After all, it’s just a bit of fun isn’t it??

Do you think the nativity play is an important part of Christmas or are you happy for it to be scrapped?
What are your best and worst nativity play moments?

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I saw this and had to share it!

Ok so I have a sad obsession with wandering aimlessly through the internet and seeing what gems I can find and I have found some really great things recently so I thought I would do a quick blog about something I just found...

Christians are getting in on the X-factor vibe! Check out the Hope Academy on and find out how you or any of the budding stars in your GB companies can get involved. Regional auditions will be held early in 2008, in London, Norwich, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff and are open to the following age groups: 11 to 17 years old and 18 to 35 years old.

If anyone out there in blog land have any other good websites that I might be inspired by or laugh at please do suggest them and I will check it out.

Monday, 29 October 2007

ever been left in the dark...?

I came back home after an epic journey on the Sunday train service from London to Manchester only to discover that my flatmates and I had forgotten to top up our electricity meter - that means no lights, no fridge, no hot water, no alarm clock!! It's not much fun having to grope around in the dark!

It made me think about times that I've felt in the dark about stuff thats going on in my life and where it seems to be going, or not going. I've come to realise though that I don't always need to know what's coming next, I just need to get on with what I'm doing for God now and see where I end up.

It can be terrifying but it's also really exciting not knowing what's in store. Are you feeling in the dark about something? Find it hard to know where to go next? If it helps, you're not alone!!